Best choice for your Antarctica Trip!!!
Lore is super friendly and down to details. She offers the best deal and warmest service! With her help, I have my Antarctica dream comes true!!! Strongly recommend!

Jin Hsieh (Taiwan)

Classic Antarctica, aboard Akademik Ioffe, Feb. 2017

Lore is wonderful!
Well informed (she had already visited the arctic couple times) she helped me to find the right cruise for my budget.
The entire journey is a life time experience. I would defn. do it again and again.
Thanks Lore, hope to meet again for another cruise!
Patrick Svoboda (Austria)

aboard MV Ushuaia

This is a unremarkable journey in my life since I am a solo traveler from Asia and this is the first time I travel long for Latin America country for 208 days in my trips, one of my Amazing journey is travel at Nov to Antarctica for 18 days I never think that I can make it , but I find an Angel Lorena she is so helpful and professional to help me all the fear settle step by step and she also response my questions quick her advice is so helpful I really appreciate I can join her company package and the SH Vega cruise is amazing since the team and the itinerary and the staff there all provide the excellent service I been travelling for over 20years experience and Polar definitely is one of the best I choice !

Kit Yeung (Hong Kong)

Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica, aboard SH Vega, Nov. 2022

Lore arranged our spectacular Antarctic cruise with a great last minute deal. If you haven’t made it to the Antarctic yet, put it on your bucket list! Audrey and I considered it one of the highlights of our world travels.

Ekke & Audrey Kok (Canada)

Antarctic Explorer, aboard Ocean Endeavour, Feb. 2017

Lore has been more than helpful with finding the right trip and supporting me with packing and organising everything. I’d definitely recommend booking a trip with her – she has an incredible knowledge of the polar regions since she’s been there already a couple of time. THANK YOU ❤️

Anna Farner (Switzerland)

Around Spitsbergen, aboard Plancius, July 2022

I met Lore on another worldwide adventure and found out she was a polar travel agent in Ushuaia. When I was ready to find my adventure to south Georgia island and Antarctica she was very knowledgeable about the different ships and companies. She was then able to get me the Ushuaia discount which was thousands of dollars less than the tour company itself was offering. Thank you Lore for all your help.

Helen Deluga (United States)

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands, aboard Ocean Victory, Dec. 2022

Lore made my Antarctic trip hassle free and a memorable one! I was well informed by the guidance offered. The cruise is the best you could have with an amazing experience. The journey is a life time experience, never miss it!

Vignesh (India)

Classic Antarctica, aboard Sea Spirit, Dec. 2017

I had a very adventuras Journey through the help of Lore. She helped me to find the right Last minute offer. Her Service is straigjt forward and very detailed.
For me this trip had been a dream of my life!
Thank you and I hope seeing you again !
Manfred E. Jakob (Germany)

Antarctica Classic in Depth, aboard MS Expedition, Nov. 2022

I would like to thank Lore for her precious help, assistance and patience during my research for Antarctica expeditions.
She was reactive, available, provided useful and detailed information. It has been the most amazing trip of my life. She made my dream come true and I could never thank her enough for that. All the very best!
Jessica Sorce (Italy)

Classic Antarctica, aboard Seaventure, Feb. 2023